Privacy Policy

Notice of Policies and Practices of the Disclosure
of Non-Public Personal Information.

Protecting the personal information of the individuals we serve is a priority for Affordable Insurance Company. We collect, retain, and use personal information about individuals for the purpose of serving their insurance needs and providing services to them. Our practices of information gathering in order to provide those services are usual, appropriate, and an acceptable method for those purposes of insurance underwriting and reinsurance.

We collect the following categories of non-public personal information in the normal course of business:

We may disclose any of the non-public personal information you share with us to affiliates, however, we will do so only to affiliates or to third parties who help us perform our business functions - underwriting and pricing your insurance, settling claims, and otherwise servicing you and your policy. This would include the following types of non-affiliated entities: consumer reporting agencies, insurance adjusters, rating bureaus, insurance department regulators, insurance agencies and brokers, property inspectors, insurance support organizations, and courts and governmental agencies. Disclosures to the entities described here are permitted by the law, and we only disclose your non-public personal information as permitted by law.

In addition, we do not disclose non-public personal information about former customers except as permitted by law.

We do not sell customer lists or any personal information regarding our customers.

In addition, Affordable Insurance Company seeks to maintain the confidentiality of your non-public personal information. Affordable Insurance Company intends for its employees to access customers' and consumers' non-public personal information only in the course of their servicing our products. We notify each employee of our strict employment policy against any employee accessing non-public personal information for any reason other than to fulfill their job requirements or as permitted by law. All employees are also required to report to their supervisor any unauthorized use of customers' or consumers' non-public personal information of which any employee becomes aware, so that the matter may be investigated and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

April 2005